Friday, June 4, 2010

Trends - Istanbul: Outdoor Store Design

Taksim Square - known as one of Istanbuls most frequented downtown districts- is a great place to head to when attempting to conceptualize the citys retail landscape. A long pedestrian road closed off from cars, intersected by several other roads and infested by rows of outlets attracting almost everyone.

Although a commercial dimension of this historical town, authenticity is not at a loss, almost every store practiced its own unique tune and managed to dedicate a familiar setting that invited its fresh audience.

I found this city rather interesting, litterally bridging Europe and Asia, its retail scene spoke of that aswell, in the sense the Turks had emphasized alot on store design, branding and modern ways of developing their own local businesses. They had remained true to their heritage -as the old Ottoman styled buildings seemed to suggest- all the while blending a more western commercial feel. 

I was intrigued by the site of these designs that seemed more like an art exhibition taking place at midnight. 

Note: You might get a little caught up with looking left and right, remember the tramway in the middle!

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