Sunday, August 15, 2010

[In] Retrospect.

This dusty lens has its flaws, its cracks as well as an unintentional desire to burn, it can screen everything in retrospect, but will it work well with your new camera?

It was one of those self evaluation discussions that went on through the night, how do you communicate the very essence of you? For me it made no sense. To some it did.

Unless we were all born and raised in laboratories then I would have a record that could personify every premeditated action and reaction to any single studied behavior… but I wasn’t and that’s the point.

We’ve been exposed to a specific need based human niche, dysfunctional social outlets, extremist dogma and the very industry I’m currently in.. the media. So many factors that interfered with the way things were to make them what they are. To a certain extent you don’t even recall what moved you when… but yet here you are expected to represent yourself in an expressive document or a single interview that will dictate your very first impression to others whom their only reference of being human is themselves.

I believe I just stumbled on the definition of subjectivity. Now how abstract is that? More or less every human is an abstract piece of art. What you read and how much you read into them will either always reflect back to your own experiences or classified as a new piece of work.

Now who would you rather be? Someone else’s reflection or a new piece of work?

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  1. a new piece of work! love it prrr

    i just wanted to add something to that; i don't think objectivity exists at all, no matter how hard we try as humans to detach our opinions from our thoughts and experiences, ultimately we fall under the trap of our mind!

    so i would say that total objectivity, is arguably not even possible

    so maybe we can never be a new piece of work, but unfortunately always are someone else's reflection